Corporate Training AND TEAM BUILDING Reimagined!

Performance Techniques to Authentically Connect With Your Customers and Within Your Team

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Connect Now takes performance techniques and improv exercises into the business world to help individuals become authentically connected with their customers and colleagues. These workshops will teach your team how to ACTIVELY LISTEN and ENGAGE, improving your agility in the workplace while helping you become more efficient and more service-oriented.  Listening builds trust, and trust builds lasting relationships.  These tools will improve productivity and enhance the level of service offered to your customers and within your teams!

We need more acting in our lives! We need more of this!
— Maja Haloway


  • A fun and interactive way to improve your listening skills and build stronger communication within your teams

  • Learn the POWER of vulnerability

  • Learn connected and authentic communication

  • Enhance networking and rapport building

  • Increase confidence and reduce self-judgment

  • Increase productivity with increased trust



What our attendees are saying:

“Connect Now classes were a life-changing experience for me. More than just performance exercises, they were a form of therapy, a means of examining my habits, my automatic responses, and my fears about interacting with others in an honest, vulnerable way. The honesty demanded of an actor is useful in all aspects of life; learning how to do it in a safe and productive way was a real eye-opener.”

-Marty Beaudet, Producer

Loved it! Very engaging and informative!
— Glenn Healey
What a wonderful experience! The things the presenters shared were core TRUTHS - thank you for making the receiving happen today!
— Lisa Brown
I really enjoyed the way the presenters took people out of their comfort zones in a playful and fun way.
— Business Development Exec (Anon)