I often hear actors tell me that their time with Jana Lee Hamblin and Connect Now has been amongst their very best training. She has so much experience and insight to share, and her care and affection for her students is readily apparent. I would certainly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their craft and ability to connect with others.
— David Cress, Executive Producer of PORTLANDIA


“Connect Now Changed My Life!”

“Reading behavior is like a superpower. I thought I was a good communicator coming into the workshop, but now I get it. Listening is far more active than I ever thought! When you really connect with someone, it feels different. I’m grateful for the experience in this class and I practice these exercises daily now in all my interactions. Total game changer!" 

-Ian Stout, Filmmaker


“Since I have taken the classes at Connect Now it has helped me with my day to day life.“

“Connecting with someone in the Art of the Conversation. Truly listening and being present. I have been working in restaurants for many years. Connecting with my guests and listening to their needs are important traits of being a good server. Connect Now classes have brought a unique quality to my work. I connect better and listen more often, and I am more present with my guests. Connect Now has definitely elevated me! Thank you! These classes are the best!”

– Matt Woodman, Guest Services

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“The Connect Now classes I took have helped my business immensely.”

“I learned how to truly listen and be present in my communications with others. I can't recommend Connect Now enough; it's an invaluable resource! Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this incredible team. The classes changed my life for the better, and I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to participate.”

– Sara Robbin, Video Designer


“I started taking Connect Now classes and since then the way that I communicate with my clients has greatly improved.”

“I am able to connect with them in a way that is relatable and real. I am also much better at reading the situation so that I can differentiate how well the training is going and when I need to make adjustments. It is a skill set that I would have never assumed was necessary but since I have started seeing the changes in the way that I teach, and the end results of my courses, I would say that this is a necessary course for anyone who has to deal with people directly.”

– Jeremy McLaughlin, Survival Instructor


"At first I didn't know what to expect from the Connect Now classes, but I'm so grateful that I took the leap.”

“I not only learned about about how to improve the perception of me by others, I also learned a great deal about how to perceive myself in order to become more successful. After attending classes, I made a vital change in my career that has led me to my dream job. I truly believe that the skills I learned at Connect Now influenced my ability to advance and succeed in my profession as well as in my life."

– Anne Ruttencutter, Audiologist in Surgical Neurophysiology


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