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At Connect Now Workshops You will Learn to P.L.A.Y.


- As adults we forget the beauty of play! Play opens our minds to new experiences and opens our hearts to the creative spirit within.


- Perhaps the most undervalued skill in effective communication and human connection, our workshops will teach you how to actively listen.


- And is the bridge we leave open after we say yes; it’s the green light that keeps us moving forward.  And says, “I’ve listened to you. I’ve heard you. Now we are connected. Let’s walk this path together and take the next step.”


- There is real power in saying “yes, and” in our conversations and interactions!  Yes creates a world of limitless possibility and encourages the person on the other side to lean in and engage.


The POwer of Yes, ANd…

Through carefully selected acting exercises that have been proven to work, we teach your team how to say “Yes And!” which opens ALL possibilities in ANY communication and thrusts the listener into active participation. The power behind this historic performance technique is truly is limitless!

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It’s Not Just a Meeting, It’s A Connection…

People feel validated when you really listen. Our Team Building Workshops will improve agility, communication and productivity and within your team. Our Corporate Training Workshops will improve communication with your clients and increase sales.

Our workshops require zero preparation on your part. They are not about your years of experience, your product knowledge or your current ranking. All we require is your commitment to trust yourself, to be kind to yourself and most importantly…to LISTEN.

Every day that passes brings you one day closer to the end of a quarter, the end of a year. These critical targets in business wait for no one. The time to be effective is NOW. The time to exceed your goals is NOW. The time to CONNECT is NOW!


Here’s How It Works:

  • Choose your workshop package (Team Building or Corporate Training? Full Day or Half Day? Or call for custom quote.)

  • Register your company

  • We’ll contact you to book your workshop date and answer any questions you might have

  • Next, you’ll receive individual questionnaires that help us customize your workshop

  • Before the workshop, we’ll have a phone consultation to confirm details

  • On workshop day, we’ll take care of everything - We Come to You!

  • Afterward, we’ll follow up with a phone conference to help integrate what you’ve learned

  • BONUS: you’ll also receive access to our attendee only bonus material to help continue your learning


6 Hours / 8 Person Minimum

Our full day workshop is fully immersive! In both our Team Building and Corporate Training Workshops, attendees will be on their feet participating as the Connect Now team uses classic performance techniques to teach people in the business world how to become better listeners, more efficient and more service-oriented when they go on sales calls, meet with customers, collaborate with team leaders or negotiate with business colleagues. Equally effective in the boardroom, sales room, court room or office - you name it! - Connect Now workshops will improve performance by teaching your team how to actively LISTEN and ENGAGE, increasing their success in every context.


4 Hours / 8 Person Minimum

In our half day program, we condense what we teach in the full day program to get straight to the heart of things. We’ll teach you the power of “Yes, And!” This is our special sauce. Responding with “Yes, And” opens all possibilities in any communication and thrusts the listener into active participation. People feel validated when you truly listen, therefore you gain their trust. These performance techniques can teach ANYONE how to actively listen and engage in the moment. Play, Listen and Yes!


Here's What Our Attendees Are Saying:

“Our business depends on strong internal and external relationships. Thank you to the Connect Now Team for creating an environment of P.L.A.Y. and the opportunity to improve the skill most vital to our success: LISTENING.”

-Janet Pohlod, District Sales Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry